Birthday Parties 

Basic Package

Party Rate for 2 - Hours Laser Tag Event: $249

*Extra Hour: $100 / hour

Extra Attendee: $16 / each

2-Hour event includes 10 attendees.
$16 additional charge for extra attendees.

This is designed for birthday parties or any party event.  We bring the guns and 8 - 10 smaller inflatables to use on your battlefield!  Perfect option if you have a lot of landscaping, trees and areas not needing inflatable walls. (For ages 8 and Up)

Deposit is required ($50 minimum deposit.  Additional deposit required based on final party cost.  See Q&A for our policies on the deposit.)  Tax additional.  Additional Mileage charge outside of Lodi Area.  Reservation system will show you "Travel Fee" during reservation.


Gold Package (our #1 seller)

2 - Hours Laser Tag Event: $349

*Extra Hour: $100 / hour

Extra Attendee: $18 / each

This includes everything in the Basic Package plus:  

  • 8 foot-Walls Inflatables (upto 4 per event)

The BattleZone Lodi 8 Foot-walls have the appearance of stone walls with a height of 8 feet by 4.5 feet tall.  Up to 10 walls combine to create a great battlefield for open areas.

  • Fold-Out Barriers (upto 6 per event)

The BattleZone Fold-Out Barriers are 4 feet tall, extend out upto 8 feet long, and come in Y shapes.  Not only do these barriers look fantastic, they can be arranged or manuevered to fit in almost any shape or size of open area.  This is especially beneficial for odd or narrow shaped battlefield areas.

  • Party Gift Bags: ($4.99 /each  value)

Our party gift bags are a great option for your next event.  You select the number you would like to have for your event and prepay when you make the deposit.  However, we will refund you any amount for party bags that you don't need.  (ie. if you pre-purchase 16 and only 14 guests show up, we will refund you the extra two gift bags at the event.)  We also bring a couple of extra in case you have extra guests you weren't counting on!


Platinum Package (Select Quantities Available!)

2 - Hours Laser Tag Event: $449

*Extra Hour: $149 / hour

Extra Attendee: $20 / each

This includes everything in the Gold Package plus:

  • Full Battlefield Inflatables  

To get the greatest experience, add the Full Battlefield Inflatables.  This is a 18 - 20 inflatable wall combination which includes our 8 feet tall walls and low walls.  This set-up takes an hour and a half to set up before the planned event start time.


*2 hours is a perfect amount of laser tag, but sometimes our guests want more.  Perfect when you have a lot of guests.



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