Add-Ons   (Optional items for your next great event)

  •  10 Bombs and Barrels Inflatables: $49    

Supplement your own battlefield with our mix of crates and barrels inflatables.  Add up to 3 sets to your event.  


  •  Low-Walls Inflatables: $100    

The BattleZone Lodi Low-walls have the appearance of stone walls with a height of 4.5 feet tall.  Up to 10 walls combine to create a great battlefield for open areas. 


  • Full Battlefield Inflatables: $200    

To get the greatest experience, add the Full Battlefield Inflatables.  This is a 18 - 20 inflatable wall combination which includes our 8 feet tall walls and low walls.  This set-up takes an hour to set up before the planned event start time.

  •  Tank: $49   

The BattleZone Lodi Tank makes a great battlefield add-on.  At the size of a small compact car, the Tank makes everyone stop and take notice!


  • Additional Hour: $149 / hour    

2 hours is a lot of laser tag, but sometimes our guests want more.  Perfect when you have a lot of guests.


  • Party Gift Bags: $3.99 / each   

Our party gift bags are a great option for your next event.  You select the number you would like to have for your event and prepay when you make the deposit.  However, we will refund you any amount for party bags that you don't need.  (ie. if you pre-purchase 16 and only 14 guests show up, we will refund you the extra two gift bags at the event.)  We also bring a couple of extra in case you have extra guests you weren't counting on!

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